I. Daily maintenance
     A. Apply cork grease to all connection corks
          1. This application should be done whenever it is not easy to wiggle the

               sections together

     B. Remove reed after EVERY playing session

          1.  Store reed in a reed guard that holds 2 or 4 reeds.  Number each


          2.  Rotate the use of reeds so that a different reed is played each day

          3.  A good musician always has 4-6 good reeds

     C. Remove moisture from the inside of the instrument
          1. Clean mouthpiece and body with a clean, dry cloth/swab

               a. Use a separate cloth/swab for body and mouthpiece

               b. A swab may be purchased or made with shoestring and a clean rag

          2. Pull swab through one section at at time

          3.  Do this EVERYDAY

     D.  Wipe off fingerprints with a soft, dry cloth (do NOT polish)

II. Monthly
     A. Oiling
          1. Using a very shallow container of key oil and fairly large need or

               toothpick, dig the needle in the oil.
          2. Place one small drop of oil at each moving joint (post and bar)

          3.  Do NOT use too much oil--Wipe off all excess oil

III. Visit a repair shop yearly for cleaning, adjustment and inspection
     A. 4-6 Good reeds

     B. Reed holder

     C. Tuning rod and swab (flute)

     D. Key oil

     E. Swabs and cleaning supplies

‚Äč     F. Mouthpiece cap and endcap (saxophone)

Woodwind Instrument Care