I. Daily maintenance
     A. Lubrication (use 1 or 2 below)
          1. Use 2 to 3 drops of valve oil on each valve
               a) trombones use slide oil or slide cream with a spray bottle of water

                    i.  Slide-O-Mix works best
               b) French horns (DO NOT TAKE VALVES OUT OF INSTRUMENT!!!
          2. Remove valves one at a time to oil
          3. Use Schilke cream (or similar) on all slides
               a) Remember to depress the valve while pulling out any slide on any        

     B. Make sure to empty the spit valve before putting the instrument away
     C. Wipe the outside of the instrument with a soft dry cloth
          1. Do not use polish on lacquered instruments

          2. (Only polish silver plated instruments)

II. Monthly
     A. Thoroughly clean the mouthpiece
          1. Wash with warm water
          2. Use a mouthpiece brush to remove saliva and foreign substances
     B. Give the instrument a bath
          1. Take off all parts and place everything except the valves on a towel in

              a bathtub filled with mild, soapy, lukewarm water
               a) French horns (DO NOT TAKE VALVES OUT OF INSTRUMENT!!!
          2. Use a flexible cleaning brush designed for your instrument and pass it      

               through the body and slides while submerged.
          3. Allow to soak for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly--inside and out
               a. Make sure you get all the water out by rotating the instrument
          4. Dry with soft, lint-free cloth
     C. For the valves
          1. Unscrew and remove the top pearl key and the threaded ring

              containing the felt
               a) French horns (DO NOT TAKE VALVES OUT OF INSTRUMENT!!!
          2. Place the valves in the soapy tub water
          3. Be sure that the felt and corks of the valves DO NOT get wet
          4. Assemble and lubricate before returning them to the instrument

III. Visit a repair shop yearly for cleaning, adjustment and inspection
     A. Valve oil, (slide cream or slide oil for trombones only),

          rotary valve oil (french horns only), slide grease for valve slides, cleaning  

          supplies (mouthpiece brush, body brush, soft cloth, mouthpiece case if not

          included in the case.

Brass Instrument Care