Tentative as of 8/2/22

Hospitality Schedule

As a show of gratitude, we provide refreshments for visiting bands (as well as the Regiment) during the third quarter of each home game.  This gives the students a chance to mix and socialize with the students from visiting bands.  Each squad/auxiliary is assigned a specific week (see below) when they are required to bring in at least one dozen items (something homemade!)  Thanks for your help.  It makes third quarters a deliciously good time!

Game 1 -- Aug. 19 vs. Perry                                 Squads -- 1, 2, 7b, 8b

Game 4 -- Sept. 9 vs. Chardon                             Squads -- 3, 4, 6b, 11a

Game 5 -- Sept. 16 vs. Madison (Mass Band)     Squads -- 5, 7a, 9, 10

Game 7 -- Sept. 30 vs. North (Alumni Band)      Squads -- 6a, 8a, 11b, Majos, FC, Snares

Game 9 -- Oct. 14 vs. Kenston                              Squads -- Basses, Tenors, Cymbals, Flag, Dance